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Works with all C-Bus Measurement types & HVAC temp broadcast. Utilising Translinks ability to process C-Bus measurement application messages, long term charting can be achieved. Charts are automatically created for any device that uses the C- Bus measurement application or the HVAC Temperature measurement as setup in Translink. These charts are created with the following resolutions for each specified measurement; Hour by 5 minute intervals Day by Hour intervals Week by Day interval Month by Day interval Year by Month interval The output from these charts are saved a PNG files, making them ideal for inclusion in a web site. Software & Website Source Code Included An example website is included, which can be freely modified and customised to suit a particular installation. How it Works Measurement information is output from the translink controller every time it is received from the C-Bus network. This information is transferred via the Debug port on the Translink Programming & Debug adaptor connected to any PC running the Translink Logger application. The translink Logger application averages and keeps track  of all the incoming information and automatically produces the charts, saving them whereever specified during the setup. Requirements (in addition to a standard Translink installation) Controller Firmware 3.0.2 or greater (free download) Translink Programming & Debug adaptor PC running Translink Logger Application Serial RS232 connection between the Programming & debug adaptor and the PC.
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