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What is a Translink?

The name Translink refers to a suite of software and hardware products. Currently the range includes; Translink Controller, Translink Configurator and Translink iOS App.

What Is a Translink Controller?

The Translink Controller is the hardware interface module that forms a gateway between the C-Bus network and a ethernet network.

What is the Translink Configurator?

The Translink Configurator is a windows application that is used by installers of the Translink Controller to do the initial setup and configuration of the Translink Controller.

What is the Translink iOS App?

The Translink iOS App is a native iOS application designed to run on a iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and provides the user interface.

How does the Translink Controller connect to C-Bus? Does it need

a PCI or CNI?

The Translink Controller connects directly to the C-Bus network, and does not require any additional interfaces such as a PCI or CNI. 3 connection points are provided 2 x rj45 and 1 x screw terminals. Once connected the Clipsal Toolkit application should be used to configure the Controller with a C-Bus unit address.

How does the Translink Controller connect to an ethernet


The Translink Controller connects to an ethernet  network via a standard rj45 connector. The Controller can then be patched into any suitable network access point such as a switch or router. Once connected the Translink Configurator should be used to setup the appropriate network settings for the particular network being used. It is also strongly recommended that the Controller be given a static (fixed) ip address.

How is the Translink Controller powered?

The Controller is powered by a 7.5VDC plugpack (supplied) as either an Australian pin configuration or with interchangeable international plug faces.

Where can the Translink Controller be mounted?

The Controller was designed to be mounted in a standard 4 pole DIN rail style electrical enclosure. However it must not be mounted in the same enclosure that houses mains supply voltages. It is recommended to mount the unit in a seperate enclosure next to or near other C-Bus modules.  The supplied, 1m, mains rated, pink patch cable can be used to interconnect the controller to other C-Bus units such as Dimmers or Relays. An optional surface mount 4 pole enclosure is available from Hamfield, if needed.

What do all the flashing LED's on the rj45 connectors mean?

The indicator LED's are explained in the Translink Controller Installation Manual.

Installation of the Translink Configurator fails, what am I doing


The Translink Configurator application requires V4 .NET framework to be installed on your PC. The framework can found on the supplied CD or downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=17851

Where can I get the Translink iOS App?

The iOS App can be obtained through the iTunes App store. Search for "Translink".

Can the Controller firmware be updated?

The Translink Controllers firmware can be updated in the field by using the optional Programming/Debug adapter and the Translink Configurator software on a windows PC.

Where can I get the Translink Controller firmware updates?

When an update is available it will be posted on our web site".

What is the current situation with C-Bus Triggers, Shutter/Blind

Relays and Fan Controllers?

As of V2 Triggers, Shutter/Blind Relays and Fan Controllers are fully supported.

Where can I get more information and support?

You can visit our forum here,

How can I load my C-Bus labels into the Translink Controller?

The translink configurator can read the labels from the C-Bus Toolkit XML file or manually entered. Labels imported from Toolkit can also be edited to be more friendly if desired.

Can each user have their own configuration?

Page setups are stored in the Apple device, so each device can be setup to suit the individual user.

Can the user change the configuration themselves on the Apple


Yes. However for commercial installations there is the provision to "Lock" the configuration to avoid unauthorised changes being made.

Can The controller be wireless?

Normally the Translink Controller plugs into an existing ethernet/wireless network via a standard ethernet cable. However it is possible to plug into a Wireless Client device and have it connect directly to the customers wireless network. Wireless Client devices are not very common, but we have had good results with a TP-Link TP-WR702N configured in Client mode. These units retail for around $35AUD. Note: the TP-WR702N is not made or controlled by Hamfield, and as such we cannot guarantee it will function as required in all circumstances.

How does Translink compare to Clipsal Wiser?

Translink was not designed to be a direct compeditor to Wiser. Given this some of the points of comparison between Wiser and Translink are as follows. 1. Wiser can only be bought and installed by a "Point One" registered installer, Translink can be bought and installed by anybody. Even though you can go to your local electrical wholesaler and buy C-Bus modules, you can't buy a Wiser. 2. Wiser is relatively complex to setup because it contains a full IP router as well as a CNI, Translink is very simple and easy to setup, and does not have all the complexity involved in setting up a router. This was a big design criteria for Translink, we wanted Translink to be easy to setup, and just work. 3. Retail price for a Wiser is around $1400 + Point One installers installation time. They can be found online for around $1200 if you search. 4. Programming Wiser requires skills and knowledge to understand the widgets and PICED software, Translink is just a drop in module that is very easy to setup using the supplied configuration application. 5. Pages on Wiser are set in the Wiser and require reprogramming to change it, Translink pages are all setup on the Apple iOS device and can be changed by the end user as often as they like. 6. The Translink user interface is superior to wiser (well we think so at least) and has proper slider controls which Wiser does not. 7. Translink is actively being developed and expanded. V3 is already released and V4 is under development.. 8. Translink firmware is field flash upgradeable (using the optional programming adaptor) to the same hardware can be used with new firmware/features as they are released.  It is true that wiser has a few other features like "Logic" and can act as a home router, but in our experience these features are rarely used, and if indeed you needed them then Wiser is the right choice. However, if what you are looking for is a gateway, to allow C-Bus control and monitoring from an Apple iOS device that is reliable, simple to configure and use then Translink is a better fit.

Does the Translink Controller do Logic?

Currently No. It is designed to accept a plug in module that is being developed and may be released in the future.

Is it a router like a Wiser?

No, it is a quick plug in module that is very easy to setup and use.

Can I have more than 1 user per Translink controller?

Yes, but not at the exact same time. When a user starts the Translink App on an Apple device it will connect to the last used Translink. Once that Apple device releases the connection it becomes available for other users. A connection is released automatically whenever any of the following happen; Apple device changes to another App. Apple device goes to sleep. Apple device is locked. Apple device home button is pressed. In practice what usually happens is a user starts the Translink App, controls the lights etc they want, then either switches to another App or stops using the device. both of which release the connection allowing it be used by another.

Can the Translink send email alerts?

Yes but presently due to limitation in the Ethernet interface only to unauthenticated SMTP servers.

Does the Translink support C-Bus Bridges?

Yes, you can connect to 1 remote network via a bridge and the Translink will query this network for status on power up. Further bridges are supported if they are configured to pass all traffic and group addresses are not duplicated.

Besides lighting, what other C-Bus applications does it


Trigger. Measurement. HVAC Temperature Broadcast. Security,

What are the firewall requirements for remote access?

A single port (10003 default) forwarded to the Translink's IP address.

I don't have an external static IP address, can I still get access

from the internet?

Yes, by using a dynamic DNS service such as one supplied by http://dyn.com/