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Custom Software & Hardware

Bespoke Software:

In addition to our flagship Translink product, Hamfield also offer custom software and hardware services. Many small companies are stuck using off the shelf tools such as Microsoft Office to try and run orders, worksheets and production tasks. These packages are just not designed for this purpose. Often requiring manual copying of data and double handling of information, its easy to make mistakes and waste time typing the same thing more than once. Getting valuable information out is often just as hard. Even simple reports such as open orders, orders per month or job status can involve hours of cutting and pasting between documents. At Hamfield we understand that off the shelf software & hardware can’t always do just what you want. We specialize in designing custom solutions that do exactly what you need, from simple data extraction and transfer to multi user workshop management systems, Hamfield can help your business work more efficiently. All of our solutions are designed specifically for each client, we don’t try and make your business fit our software.

What we do:

Specialising in small to medium buisness solutions, we typically produce software & hardware that "fills the gaps" left by the large off the shelf packages. We can produce everything from small utilities to solve a particular need, to full blown multi user, multi site applications. We have extensive experience with systems that utilise database back ends and rich GUI user interfaces. Typically we can provide and exact fit solution at a fraction of the cost of commercial packages.


We have extensive experience with the following; Custom Software design. Custom Hardware Design. Systems communications and interfacing. Data extraction and  reporting. Database Interfacing. Centralised data storage and backups. Networking / Cabling / telephony Production manufacturing and assembly and much more. With over 30 years of experience with computer, electronic, electrical and interfacing disciplines we understand the costs and pressures associated with running a business. So whether you need a small one off task, an ongoing regular maintenance, or a complete manufacturing software package, Hamfield can help you.